ASIPP Researchers attend ITER Training Forum and MFE Meeting
 [ 2012/6/12 ]

      Headed by director Prof. Li Jiangang, ASIPP researchers attended the ITER Training Forum and The Second Workshop on Magnet Fusion Engineering (MFE) Development Strategy during May 30th -June 1st.

      More than six reports among 30 oral presentations were given by ASIPP researchers during the 3-day meeting. Reports involved aspects of physical parameters, blanket, divertor, as well as superconducting magnets and other key technologies. Prof. Li Jiangang, as the chairman of the first session, gave a presentation entitled ¡°Missions & Integration Design of CFETR¡±.

      This conference attracted more than 100 participants from Europe, USA, Japan, Russia and domestic. The theme is to communicate and discuss the physics and technology related to ITER experiment, the advanced scientific and management experience, as well as the reactor development strategy home and abroad. After discussions, a final report formed by domestic and foreign experts has been submitted to the overall design group of China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR). (Ma Cancan Reports£©

Prof. Li gives speech



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