Maybe Left-behind, but Not Forgotten
 [ 2012/6/1 ]

      As the nation prepares to celebrate Children's Day on June 1, 14 volunteers from ASIPP traveled 4 and a half hours on May 26 from the institute to the 1500m-above-sea-level Longchong Primary School in Jinzhai County to bring books, computers, above all, love and laughter to the youngsters growing up in the mountainous countryside. This is one of activities of ¡°ASIPP Youth Culture Month¡±, a well-attended event having been held for four consecutive years.

      During the short donation ceremony, on behalf of ASIPP and volunteer team, Ms Shaohua Dong, deputy head of Administrative Office, handed over two computers and books to the school headmaster. Ms Dong first wished all pupils a happy Children¡¯s Day, ¡°although some of you are left-behind by your parents now working in other places¡±, said Ms Dong, ¡°you are not forgotten. Your mom and dad love you, and you have us too. You will never be short of love and care. ¡±

      At noon, ASIPP volunteers had ¡°love lunch¡± with the students, and distributed cokes, bananas and snacks they bought from Hefei among students. After lunch, volunteers put on children¡¯s favorite cartoon character costume, taught them electricity and water safety ABCs, showed PPT about plasma and the universe, and told stories about Mr Zenglong, a Ph.D student of ASIPP from this poor area who is now studying in UK.

      ¡°Send-Mom-and-Dad-Sweet-Smiles¡± is the highlight of the one-day activity. Considering many kids¡¯ parents are migrant workers, who may have not seen their loved ones for months or years, the volunteers captured and froze the sweet smiles of each of 55 kids on pictures, which will be sent to their parents. The pictures will also be sent to the kids themselves, which it is hoped will give them a memory of their happy childhood. During the picture time, ASIPP volunteers distributed balloons, birthday cakes among the youngsters, and played toys with them.

      ¡°I am the one that has been touched and moved¡±, said Mr Jiuan Deng, ASIPP Youth League Head, seeing the happy smiling faces of the kids.  ¡°Last year we supported four university students in Jinzhai County, and this year we give more attention to these primary school pupils, who are facing more emotional anxiety than ever. In short, we will continue our public welfare efforts, and shoulder more social responsibilities. ¡±

Donation ceremony

Ms Shaohua Dong hands over two computers and books to the school headmaster.

Volunteer and students

Teaches electricity

Volunteers and students

A happy ending

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