Popularizing Science
 [ 2012/5/30 ]
      Dozens of ASIPP science volunteers took part in the 8th ¡°Sci-Popularization Day¡± Activity at the third weekend of May.

      This year¡¯s activity was held in Hefei Modern Science and Technology Meseum; besides other 5 exhibition halls, ASIPP volunteers were mainly in charge of Energy Sources Hall. They led visitors into the new energy world by introducing a series of applications of basic and new energy sources such as thermal power, water power, solar energy, nuclear fusion energy and so on, and they answered lot of questions from audience patiently.

      In the lecture session, volunteer Mr. Zhu Liang gave a talk entitled ¡°Man-made Sun and Nuclear Fusion Energy¡±, introducing this clean, safe and inexhaustible energy.

      ASIPP volunteer group has long established their fame among local citizens via lots of activities, for example, ¡°Ph.D-student-at-school-classroom¡±, ¡°Open-house Day¡±, etc. Every year, they received over ten thousand visitors from Hefei city and other neighboring areas. (Du Wei Reports)

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