"Science" Reporter Interviews Prof. Li Jiangang
 [ 2012/4/28 ]

      April 26th, Shawna Williams, reporter of Science magazine, visited ASIPP and had an exclusive interview to Prof. Li Jiangang.

      In EAST General Control Room, Prof Li made a 20-minute long talk with Ms. Williams. Williams asked a few of questions such as ¡°the goal of fusion research¡±, ¡°fusion energy commercialization¡±, and the reason of Prof. Li chosing fusion research as his career and other related subjects. Prof. Li answered her questions respectively, he said, it had to be fusion energy due to the long term view and the energy crisis, though it is a tough task and perhaps it still needs 50 more years to realize the fusion energy commercialization. ¡°Fortunately, ASIPP has got strong supports from Chinese Academy of Sciences¡± and has helpful support from institutes abroad. National leaders inspected EAST tokamak continuely in these years. Prof. Li said ¡°I¡¯m lucky to work in ASIPP and enjoy the team work¡±. According to Prof. Li, ¡°We need a large number of people,¡± and ¡°International cooperation is really good¡±, ASIPP will continue to contribute its effort to the fusion research by training more young talent as stable human resources and cooperate with other institutes home and aborad to get a win-win success.

      Before leaving, accompanied by Mr. An Jianji, vice derector of Bureau of International Co-operation, CAS and Ms. Wu Ruoxi, vice head of International Affairs& Operation Department of Science, Ms. Williams visited EAST and HT-7 tokamak and ITER CICC Hall.

      September this year, "Science" magazine will give a comprehensive coverage of CAS technology development plan, scientific research strength, key scientific areas and major technological achievements in the form of supplement. In order to get everything prepared, CAS arranged Science reporter to do a site-visit to its10 key institutes including ASIPP. £¨Wang Yuan Reports£©

Prof. Li answers questions in EAST General Control Room

Visits EAST  Tokamak

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