3MW Ion Beam with Energy of 80 Kev Extracted on EAST-NBI Ion Source
 [ 2012/4/28 ]

      The hydrogen ion beam of 3 MW beam power with beam energy of 80 keV was extracted on the EAST neutral beam injector (EAST-NBI) ion source in the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP),a new milestone in the development of high current ion source.
      Recently, a new round of ion source performance test was done on the EAST-NBI ion source. High beam power of 3 MW with 80keV beam energy in 500ms pulse length, long pulse of 4 seconds with 1 MW beam power, and 50 keV beam energy were extracted on EAST-NBI ion source respectively. 80 KeV beam energy is the maximum designed-value for ion source and now it has been achieved for the first time.

      Test results demonstrate ASIPP has overcome the technical difficulty in EAST-NBI development. The success lays a sound foundation for the next stage test of long-pulse high-energy ion and neutral beam and for the development of 2~4 MW NBI system of EAST auxiliary heating project ultimately. (Xie Yahong Reports)

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