GA Senior VP J. Parmentola visits ASIPP
 [ 2012/4/24 ]

      Dr John Parmentola, senior vice president of General Atomics (GA), and his colleagues Dr Tony Taylor and Dr Vincent Chan visited ASIPP from April 17 to 18. They are warmly welcomed by Prof Li Jiangang, Academician Wan Yuanxi and Prof Wan Baonian.

      Prof Li first gave an introduction about EAST present state and future plan of MCF research in China, especially introduced ITER conductor research. Then both sides injected their thoughts and proposals for further bilateral collaboration as long term partners into one and a half day discussion. Dr Parmentola confirmed that GA- ASIPP have established a very good cooperation in past decade; Dr Tony Taylor said partnership between ASIPP and GA reduces uncertainty and accelerates the path to fusion energy.  Then two Professor Wans, old Wan and young Wan showed the guests Neutral Beam Injection (NBI) lab and General Control Room of EAST Tokamak.

      Altogether 9 GA colleagues are at ASIPP at the same time, either participating the EAST experiments or for scientific exchanges, it is the biggest foreign expert team from one lab at ASIPP at one time. Both Prof Li and Dr Parmentola are satisfied with current ASIPP-GA cooperation achievement, and confident about the future of this close collaboration in ITER-era on their respective national projects EAST and DIII-D as well as ITER project.

      In the following two days, three GA visitors made a whirlwind visit to Institute of Nuclear and New Technology, Tsinghua University, ITER CN DA and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., LTD. During their stay in Beijing, Prof Mianheng Jiang, vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences met with the GA delegation. (Wang Yuan Reports)

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