ASIPP Science Volunteers Fledge for Better Performance
 [ 2012/4/23 ]

      A technical training was organized for ASIPP Science Volunteer Team recently to polish their lecture skills and broaden their knowledge, with more than 20 graduate student and young staff volunteers to participate.

      The lectures given at the one-day training course cover fusion diagnosis, low-temperature superconducting, power supply, vacuum, microwave heating and the first wall materials. The audience showed thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for publicizing science, they asked a variety of questions, such as ¡°how much electricity will be used during EAST campaign?¡± 

      Probably it is more appropriate to call this training a ¡°self-taught¡± lesson for this young team, as most of lecturers are learners at the same time and volunteers themselves. During the day, the ASIPP Science Volunteers also shared their experience on how to convey and explain difficult plasma and fusion science and technology to general public. It is decided that more training will be given on lecture techniques and manners.

      The ASIPP science volunteer group was built in 1997. The main target is to satisfy the demands for popularizing scientific knowledge to the public especially teenagers. Since the beginning, the group have attracted young staff and students from different research sections to join in, they receive about 10 thousand visitors from all walks of life every year.  £¨Du Wei Reports£©


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